Why service at an authorised Škoda Service Centre?

With Škoda’s 12 month/15,000 km fixed service intervals, you’ll know precisely when it needs to be serviced.


Having your Škoda serviced inline with the manufacturer’s requirements will ensure the vehicles longevity and enhance the resale value of your vehicle.

By servicing at an Authorised Škoda Service Centre your vehicle will be looked after by fully trained Škoda technicians using only Škoda genuine parts and approved lubricants.

Additionally, they have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and for late model vehicles will be able to record your vehicles service history in the factory “digital service schedule” ensuring those recorded will always be available in the future.


Oil change

Your Škoda Authorised Service Centre will regularly change your car’s oil and oil filter to guarantee that the engine runs correctly and has a long service life. Škoda recommends a Škoda approved oil.


Service inspections

To keep your car in lasting working condition and to make sure that no guarantees are voided, you need to have it regularly serviced at a Škoda Authorised Service Centre. You can find information on the frequency at which Škoda’s need to be serviced in the service log or vehicle operating instructions, which are part and parcel of your Škoda’s on-board documentation.


Air-conditioing service

We can provide your air-conditioning with a full service. We will run a leak test on the air-conditioning system, check its functions and pressures, and measure the amount of coolant. We carry out work precisely according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and in doing so we use manufacturer-recommended state-of-the-art equipment.


Wheel alignment

If your wheels are not aligned properly, the tyres will wear unevenly. This is why we offer to check your car’s axle geometry and adjust it if necessary. We carry out work precisely according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and in doing so we use manufacturer-approved modern equipment.


Body and paintwork

Your Škoda Authorised Service Centre will professionally repair damage to your car’s body and paintwork according to technological procedures prescribed by the manufacturer, using Škoda genuine parts. On the one hand, this is important for your safety, but it also ensures your vehicle remains functional and preserves its value.

Service plans


With a Škoda service plan you purchase your servicing upfront, providing you with certainty around vehicle running costs, protection from inflation, excellent value for money and overall peace of mind driving.

All servicing is completed with genuine Škoda approved parts and by specialist Škoda trained technicians, so you know your car is in the hands of experts. All our parts and labour come with two years warranty also.

To learn more about how we can help with your new car servicing and Škoda service plan options please contact to your local Škoda dealer.

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